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Best Of 2019 Mix #1: Drones & Tones

December 2, 2019

Music by Biosphere, Ishq, Seb Taylor (Hibernation), James Bernard, Motionfield, Lingua Lustra, Jordan Christoff, Billow Observatory, Darren McClure, Hollie Kenniff, Ethereal Ephemera, Matt Lajoie, Mike Rooke, Andrea Castiglioni and Fabio Orsi.

The 6-part Best Of 2019 mix series showcases some of the music from AMG's Best Albums of 2019 Reviews feature, plus other outstanding tracks from the year that was. All mixes compiled by Mike G @ Rubycon Sound,Oct-Dec 2019.

Mix#1: Drones & Tones
Mix#2: Deep Space Tech
Mix#3: Mod Classical & Post-Rock
Mix #4: Balearica
Mix#5: Environments
Mix#6: Ambitronica

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