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Guest mix: Rainshine by low light mixes

July 15, 2016
Rainshine is another exclusive guest mix for Ambient Music Guide by low light mixes.

low light mixes is Dave Michuda of Wisconsin, USA. Dave has fascinating taste in downtempo and ambient sounds - including loads of artists I've never heard before - and has an uncanny knack for creating highly evocative mix titles.

As with last time (June 2015), we gave each other a themed title as a challenge to create a mix around. I gave him the mix title Rainshine.

He writes:

This mix is pretty self-explanatory based on the track titles. The first half is all rain songs and the second half transitions to sunlight. I added some rain field recordings to a few of the songs but most of them already had rain sound fx in the original track.

Get the tracklist in PDF format here.

My reciprocal contribution for low light mixes is called The Color Of Space - listen to it here.

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