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this is em:t 2003-2006 - a label mix by mike g

April 14, 2020

In both its first incarnation (1994-1998) and its second one (2003-2006), the UK-based Emit label (officially spelt em:t) delivered a varied, idiosyncratic vision of ambient music in the tradition of the great ambient labels of yore like Editions EG. Although now long gone, Emit's reputation in the dance and electronic underground for quality and innovation remains undiminished to this day. The artists provided us with some of the most thrilling, audacious chill-out music of the 90's and beyond.

This two-volume mix series captures my personal highlights from the official Emit releases, as well as from three 'ghost' albums that were more or less finished but never released.

Respect to the various Emit crews: David Thompson, Chris Allen, Tom Smyth, Will Joss, Matt Hall and John Bagguley.

Escape your speakers.

Compiled & mixed by Mike G @ Rubycon Sound, March-April 2020.

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